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SURF Update: Environmental Justice Technical Initiative
surf-admin August 18, 2023
SURF’s Environmental Justice Technical Initiative (EJ TI) evolved from an idea and interest expressed at a SURF Membership Meeting in March 2022. That Summer and Fall, more than 20 people...
ASTM’s Climate and Community Mapping Team Working on New Standard Guide
surf-admin August 18, 2023
Recent U.S. federal and state laws focus on screening to identify disadvantaged communities that bear a disproportionate burden of impacts from environmental pollution and climate change impacts. At the Association...
A Pitch to Move Away from Our “Fix-It” Approach
surf-admin August 18, 2023
“Simply put, remediation ‘fixes failures,’ and the process of remediation involves significant resources that ‘fix’ landscapes.” That’s how SURFer Sabine Apitz (SEA Environmental Decisions Ltd.) got our attention at a...
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Whether you believe that the mother of invention is necessity
or curiosity, it is clear that interest and innovation in
sustainable remediation is growing.