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SustRem2023 in Melbourne an International Success

November 18, 2023
Last month, over 650 people from around the world attended the 8th International Sustainable Remediation…

EPA Clarifies Free Product Removal in UST Regulation

October 11, 2023
It’s been 35 years since 40 CFR 280.64 was promulgated, setting Federal requirements for free…

Congratulations to the 2023 SURF Board of Trustees

August 18, 2023
The results are in! Revisions to SURF’s by-laws passed and the following nominees were elected…

What is Sustainable Remediation?

Sustainable remediation can be defined as a remedy or combination of remedies whose net benefit on human health and the environment is maximized through the judicious use of limited resources (SURF, 2009).

As such, a sustainable remediation evaluation includes assessing the potential impacts to all three integrated dimensions of the triple bottom line: environment, society, and the economy.

Sustainable remediation practices are not only those that reduce global impacts (e.g., greenhouse gases), but also practices that reduce local atmospheric effects, potential impacts on worker and community safety, and/or the consumption of natural energy resources (beyond fuel consumption) that might be attributable to remediation activities.

Watch this short video from our SURF affiliate in the UK to learn the basics of sustainable remediation.

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  • Peer benchmarking and networking (domestic and international)
  • Access to subject matter experts and leading-edge case studies
  • Opportunities to collaborate on technical initiatives and publications
  • Research and education on topics such as environmental footprint reduction, social responsibility and public outreach, reducing remediation costs and long-term liabilities, and academic outreach and mentoring


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Whether you believe that the mother of invention is necessity
or curiosity, it is clear that interest and innovation in
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