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The Environmental Justice Technical Initiative was established by interested SURF members as a result of d iscussions during a member meeting. The team met throughout 2023 to define their scope and begin work on de veloping an environmental justice resource for remediation professionals. To learn more about this initiative or join the team, log into the Member Portal

What are SURF Initiatives?

Initiatives are programs, products, or activities that are open to SURF members and endorsed by SURF. SURF members’ leadership and participation in initiatives directly contribute to our progress toward our vision.

SURF provides a structure and culture that allows members to participate in technical and outreach initiatives creatively with minimal bureaucracy. We allow our members to follow their interests, and they take it from there.SURF’s all-volunteer Board of Trustees coordinates initiative efforts to ensure that they are consistent with SURF’s mission and Bylaws.

Technical Initiatives

Every SURF resource in our library began as an idea of one or more SURF members. While some efforts have involved many members and over a year to complete, others take a few months and fewer members.

Recent SURF member discussions have focused on other potential technical initiatives to tackle in 2024. SURF will be hosting Member Virtual Happy Hours to connect interested members on specific topics.

Outreach Initiatives