Our Programs

SURF operates via programs and engagement of member-led Committees: Technical Initiatives, Education and Outreach, Communications, Meetings and Programs, Membership, and Nominations.



The Technical Initiatives Committee oversees SURF's technical program and work products.  SURF has published several guidance documents through this committee, as well as a number of issue papers and compilation of case studies. 

SURF is currently engaged in several technical initiatives, including:

  • Compiling and categorizing existing sustainable remediation case studies

  • Exploring climate change and resilience within remediation

  • Examining the social aspects of sustainable remediation

  • Encouraging groundwater conservation and reuse



The Education and Outreach Committee encompasses two focused outreach initiatives -- Academic Outreach and Government Outreach.

The mission of the Academic Outreach initiative is to encourage academic participation in SURF as a means to promote the organization, establish linkages, and foster research and innovation. We recognize the substantial value that academics bring to the SURF community through new ideas, technologies, and approaches to sustainable remediation.  Therefore, SURF invites all interested professors, students, and researchers to join and actively participate in our discussions.

The mission of the Government Outreach initiative is to encourage increased government employee membership and visibility within SURF by:

  • Providing information to government employees;

  • Fostering discussion/dialogue with government employees about sustainable remediation; and

  • Providing government employees with educational opportunities.



The mission of the SURF Communications Committee is to provide a unified and consistent message, internally and externally, for effectively communicating SURF’s objectives, activities, and future goals. 

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Promoting SURF and sustainable remediation in press and social media channels

  • Distributing information about SURF and sustainable remediation via the SURF website, newsletter, external publications, webinars, and email communications

  • Encouraging SURF members to write articles for internal and external publications

  • Reviewing and providing standardization of external SURF communications prepared by SURF’s Membership, Board, Committees, and Initiatives

  • Providing material support to outreach initiatives that seek to increase diversity in our membership



The mission of SURF’s Meetings and Programs Committee is to develop, plan, and hold meetings that leave attendees educated and inspired about sustainable remediation. We accomplish this mission by engaging remediation professionals, academia, and industry and government representatives to:

  • Share sustainable remediation success stories and lessons learned,

  • Highlight the flexibility and diversity of thought in implementing sustainable remediation, and

  • Foster research and innovation.

Our meetings also serve to enhance our members’ leadership skills and facilitate networking and interaction amongs the SURF membership and the remediation community in general.



The mission of SURF’s Membership Committee is to recruit and retain members who who will support SURF’s mission and bring ideas to fruition.  SURF’s Membership Committee also facilitates partnerships and builds relationships with a wide network of remediation stakeholders: industry and agency representatives, consultants, academics, technology vendors, and the public.



The mission of SURF’s Nominations Committee is to identify and recruit visionaries from both private and public entities to explore new frontiers for sustainable remediation as leaders of the organization.