2019 Board of Trustees

Please congratulate and welcome our new SURF Trustees:

  President - Mathew Ambrusch, Langan 
  Vice President - Betsy Collins, Jacobs
  Secretary - Cathy Rockwell, Woodward & Curran
  At-Large -  Kyle Waldron, Marathon Petroleum
  At-Large - Tom Potter, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  At-Large -  Roy Thun, GHD

These trustees will join Jason McNew (EA Engineering) who will be serving the second year of his 2-year term as treasurer and Lynn Tucker (Ford) who will be serving the second year of her 2-year term as Member at Large. We would also like to announce that Emerald Erickson (Farallon Consulting) will be serving the second year of Buddy Bealer's (Shell) term as Member At-Large. 

The 2019 SURF election included a proposition to extend the term length for all board positions to two years. The proposition passed unanimously and all board positions now have term lengths of two years.

Many thanks to the SURF members who nominated others or were nominated for the Board, as well as Trustees who are completing their terms this month: President: Gerlinde Wolf, Vice President: Matt Ambrush, Secretary: Cathy Rockwell, and At-Large Trustees: Mike Smilley, Paul Hadley and Erin Healy. SURF is extremely grateful for your dedication to the organization and to sustainable remediation.

Reminder to renew your membership:
SURF memberships run from February 1 to January 31 annually. Renewing (or joining for the first time) is easy and fast. Please visit the SURF website to learn more about the benefits of SURF membership, and to renew or join. Contact SURF's Secretary with any questions about membership classes or status, the renewal process, or company sponsorship. 

The Spring 2019 SURF meeting is right around the corner! 
SURF is excited to see you at the Spring 2019 meeting of the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS). Registration for the SURF Membership Meeting and SURF Dinner is now open. 

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Gerlinde Wolf