Join SURF at the National Adaptation Forum - May 11th, 2017

National Adaptation Forum - Action Today for a Better Tomorrow
May 9-11, 2017
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Please join us on 11 May for SURF’s inaugural session at the National Adaptation Forum. The National Adaptation Forum (NAF), a premier gathering of the adaptation-minded, focuses on issues of the day - established and emerging.

SURF will facilitate a working session on our technical initiative: Climate Change and Resilience within Sustainable Remediation.  A public/private sector team is currently evaluating the planning, research, and activities needed to (1) ensure the long-term sustainability of site remediation from climate change impacts, and (2) examine the benefits of rehabilitated land to strengthen community and ecosystem resilience. 

Meeting this challenge will involve a holistic approach incorporating scientific, engineering, social/economic, and ecosystem disciplines.  The National Adaptation Forum provides a perfect venue for discussing and developing this holistic approach.
SURF’s working session will build on the 2016 webinars co-hosted with the NAF and highlight technical initiative progress, including:

  • Federal and state regulatory requirements and priorities for climate change
  • Consideration of all aspects of site remediation to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience
  • Redevelopment impacts & benefits
  • Social equity

SURF’s working session at the NAF will help advance the science and application of sustainable remediation in the face of climate change impacts.

Hope to see you in St Paul!  For more information, please contact Barbara Maco, SURF Vice President.