Call For Papers : : Environmental Technology and Innovation

The peer-reviewed journal Environmental Technology and Innovation is currently soliciting manuscripts for potential publication within a special edition focusing on the topic:

Influence of Climatic Uncertainty on Groundwater Remediation and Restoration

 The formal announcement can be found at:


Professor Ravi Naidu of the University of Newcastle, and Dr. Scott Warner, of  Ramboll Environ, are co-editors for this edition which will be published in December 2016. They anticipate that up to 25 papers will be included in this special edition from a global network of authors. Note that manuscripts should be submitted by June 30, 2016 according to the instructions that you can find on the webpage identified above. This is an important area of focus they have been working and  look forward to sharing the collective experience of others for the benefit of a global audience.  

 This special issue will compile studies focusing on:


  • Decision making for groundwater restoration approaches
  • Economic and environmental value assessment related to remediation
  • Climatic influence on hydrologic systems and impact to environmental projects
  • Designing environmental remedies to withstand extreme events (including flooding)
  • Model predictions of hydraulic changes due to climatic shifts
  • Innovative remedial approaches that are adaptive to long-term climate/hydraulic shifts
  • Best remediation practice for developing nations/communities in light of climate change
  • Lessons learned from long-term remediation approaches
  • Geochemical changes resulting from climate and hydraulic shifts – applicability to bioremediation and passive remedial measures
  • Research and development needs to reduce the negative impact of climatic impact remediation methods
  • Long-term protection of legacy remedial measures
  • The impact of sea level rise on coastal zone environmental remediation

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