Journal of Environmental Management - Call for Papers on Global Trends in Sustainable and Green Remediation

Sustainable remediation has become an area of intense development across the world, and has important contributions to make to emerging cross-disciplinary sustainable development practices in land-use planning (for example in the context of brownfields development), urban design and management (urban renewal) and transport (transit oriented development).

This special issue provides an overview of the state of the art for sustainable and green remediation, along with the perspectives and concepts that underpin sustainable/green remediation and a view of its future direction of travel.

Contributions are sought on case studies or examples of sustainable or green remediation in practice; tools, techniques and applications for the assessment, management and verification of sustainability on contaminated sites; and application of low impact remedial techniques such as phyto-remediation, use of charcoals, etc. (so-called "gentle remediation"). To submit a paper please see: .