EPA profiles Greener Cleanup Case Study

Excerpted from US EPA's September 1, 2015 TechDirect:

Greener Cleanup Technical Summary Form: Pharmacia and Upjohn Company LLC, North Haven, Connecticut. The U.S. EPA encourages use of the ASTM Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups (E2893-13) to reduce the environmental footprint of site cleanup activities. At the Pharmacia and Upjohn Company Site in New Haven, Connecticut, the standard guide was used to identify and evaluate greener cleanup best management practices (BMPs). Remediation technologies implemented at this 78-acre site include groundwater extraction and treatment, a perimeter groundwater hydraulic barrier wall, excavation and onsite consolidation of impacted soils, sediment dredging, soil cover systems and in situ thermal remediation. Ultimately, more than 80 greener cleanup BMPs were incorporated into the design and implementation of the cleanup (July 2015, 22 pages). To view the project profile, including the ASTM greener cleanup technical summary, visit https://clu-in.org/greenremediation/profiles/pharmaciaupjohn.