SERDP & ESTCP Webinar: Characterization and Remediation in Fractured Rock Environments

SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series

Webinar #17: August 20th, 2015 at 12pm EST (9am PST).

SERDP and ESTCP have launched a webinar series to promote the transfer of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions developed through projects funded in five program areas. The webinar series targets Department of Defense and Department of Energy practitioners, the regulatory community and environmental researchers with the goal of providing cutting edge and practical information that is easily accessible at no cost.

Webinar #17 topics include:

Designing, Assessing, and Demonstrating Sustainable Bioaugmentation for Treatment of DNAPL Sources in Fractured Bedrock by Dr. Charles Schaefer, CDM Smith

Seeing Beyond Boreholes: A Geophysical Toolbox for Characterization and Monitoring of Amendment Delivery in Fractured Rock Aquifers by Dr. Lee Slater, Rutgers University

See the link below for more information and to register: