ISO DIS 18504: Soil quality — Guidance on sustainable remediation==>open for public comment

ISO DIS 18504: Soil quality — Guidance on sustainable remediation

(re-post, excerpt, from SURF's LinkedIN, via Paul Nathanail)

The standard has been produced by an ISO Working Group (ISO TC190/SC2/WG12) led by SURF-UK's Paul Nathanail who orchestrated collaboration by experts from around the globe (notably United Kingdom, NL. Italy, Japan and Australia and ably supported by the amazing DIN Secretariat). Although the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is not a member of the relevant ISO Technical Committee 190 - Soil Quality, many SURF-US and SURF Canada colleagues contributed to the text in the initial stages of preparing a draft. In fact, the very idea of this standard was conceived at SURF-US 19 (San Diego).

This will be last opportunity to make substantive technical comments. If you would like to review and make  comments on the standard, please email Paul Nathanail for a copy - comments are due by January 12, 2016.