GRA 19th Annual Conference and Meeting

The Groundwater Resources Association of California is hosting its 19th Annual Conference and Meeting on September 15-16, 2010, at the Hyatt Regency at the San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, California.

This year's Annual Meeting will explore many topics, but will focus on Water Recycling, Conservation, and Water Use Efficiency.

Water recycling, conservation, and water use efficiency are key tools to help California deal with several crises, including:

  • A collapsing Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem,
  • A continuously growing population, and
  • Effects of climate change on future water resources.

In addition, California has goals to reduce per capita water use by 20 percent conservation by 2020, and increase recycled water use by two million acre-feet per year by 2030.

Specific topics that will be discussed at the conference:

  • SWRCB recycled water policy
  • Effects of recycled water irrigation on groundwater
  • Intrinsic tracer study for seawater intrusion barrier using recycled water
  • Conservation and Water Use Efficiency
  • Estimating rates and distribution of residential irrigation
  • Regional conservation planning in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Conservation, energy, and air quality

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