Corporate Water Footprint Study

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has launched a new program, CDP Water Disclosure, aimed at compiling data from companies and organizations on their total water usage globally.

CDP Water Disclosure will provide water-related data from the world’s largest corporations to inform the global market place on investment risk and commercial opportunity. Information will be compiled on water usage and exposure to water stress in companies’ own operations and in their supply chains, and on companies’ water management plans and governance. The objective is that data will provide insight into the strategies deployed by many of the largest companies in the world on water and will be used to help drive investment towards sustainable water use.

The questionnaire will be issued to approximately 300 of the world's largest corporations in water-intensive sectors on April 1, 2010. CDP is asking that the questionnaire be returned by July 31, 2010, and anticipates publishing the findings between October and December 2010.