Green Rankings Released

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP; affiliated with the S&P 500 Report) and  Newsweek's 2009 Green Rankings were released this week.  The reports both highlight leaders in climate change and other sustainability endeavors. 

According to a PRNewswire summary, Cisco Systems, Boeing, and Pepco Holdings along with Consolidated Edison, EMC, E.I. du Pont de Nemours, Hewlett Packard, PPG Industries, and Transocean are among the US corporations at the top of CDP's list.

Other key findings noted are that respondents see more climate change business opportunities than risks, though regulatory risks loom large in the fast-moving legislative environment.  Also, corporate greenhouse gas reduction targets almost doubled: the number of respondents disclosing targets expanded from 102 (32%) to 169 (52%).

At the top of Newsweek's list are Hewlett Packard, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, and IBM.  Newsweek's goal was to assess each company's actual resource use and emissions and its policies and strategies, along with its reputation among its peers.