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Topics covered in this issue:

  • Forensic Chemistry Application - Stable Isotope Analysis
  • AFCEE - New Journal Articles in the Works
  • Air Force Environmental Restoration Program-Optimization (ERP-O) Streamlining
  • ERP-O Metrics Design and Deployment
  • AFCEE Chemistry Support Launches New Web Site
  • AFCEE Investigates Secondary Water Quality Issues
  • 2010 Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) Training Symposium
  • ITRC Announces Its Fall 2009 Meeting
  • ITRC Trains 3,100 on Vapor Intrusion
  • ESTCP Releases Technical Guide for Monitored Natural Recovery (MNR)
  • ESTCP Develops Design Tools for Aqueous Amendment Injection Systems
  • Short Courses Offered at the Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop

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