Find It, Fix It, Sustain It Week - August 25-27, 2009

Southern California Education and Research Center - UCLA, UC Irvine - Continuing Education and Outreach

A three-day workshop has been developed that offers a unique opportunity to learn both the theory and practice of sustainable environmental management, including the engineering, scientific, legal, political, and ethical dimensions of environmental sustainability.

Day 1 Overview - A rigorous analysis of scientific, legal, political and ethical issues will be conducted. Definitions and trade-offs between Brownfield and Greenfield development will be discussed. Innovative geo-chemical & geo-physical site investigation tools are now available to optimize the selective application of targeted remedial remedies in contaminant source areas. Principles of chemistry data validation will be reviewed.

Day 2 Overview - Cutting edge onsite soil & groundwater remediation solutions will be discussed, including how to include sustainability principles and practices into remedial decision making, remedy optimization, and remedy changes. Sustainable remediation incorporates a judicious evaluation of limited resources when selecting and implementing remedies to maximize the net environmental, societal, and economic benefits of a cleanup action.

Day 3 Overview - Day 3 will cover performance oriented regulation, an alternative to "command and control" compliance, whereby specific environmental performance goals, such as a reduction in the pollution associated with a process, is specified by the regulation and each facility determines the best method to achieve this goal. Proactive beyond compliance Sustainable Environmental Management Systems can form the basis for the format of such a plan.

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