First International Conference on Sustainability Science & Engineering

August 9-12, 2009, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

The purpose of the Congress is to provide a common platform to practitioners of various physical and ecological sciences, engineering fields, economics, and social sciences for exchanging emerging ideas about ways and means of protecting the environment and its resource depletion so that humans can achieve sustained economic growth and societal benefits through generations. Products, processes and systems for sustainability are among the major focus of this conference.

Congress Areas of Focus include:

  • Perspectives of industrial sustainability outcomes
  • Sustainability as a scientific paradigm for solutions
  • Measuring sustainability
  • Value chain sustainability
  • Solutions for fossil and non-fossil power
  • Solutions for sustainable transportation
  • Sustainable design and architecture
  • Sustainable material/product designs
  • Sustainable processes from an LCA viewpoint
  • Modeling for sustainability
  • Standards and science-based guidance for sustainability

Sponsored by: US EPA, NSF, NIST, IEEE, University of Kentucky, AIChE Sustainable Engineering Forum Supported by: ASME, ACS Green Chemistry Institute, IChemE

Registration available here.