National Science Foundation RFP for Green Engineering

The National Science Foundation requests proposals for the Environmental Sustainability Program. This program supports research with the goal of promoting sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and natural systems. General areas of research include Industrial Ecology, Green Engineering, Ecological Engineering, and Earth Systems Engineering.

Green Engineering research is encouraged to advance the sustainability of chemical processes, manufacturing processes, green building, and infrastructure. Many programs in the Engineering Directorate support research in environmentally benign manufacturing or chemical processes. The Environmental Sustainability program supports research that would affect more than one chemical or manufacturing process or that takes a systems or holistic approach to green engineering for infrastructure or green building. Of particular interest is the next generation of water and wastewater treatment that will dramatically decrease material and energy use, consider new paradigms for delivery of services, and promote longer life for engineered systems. Improvements in distribution and collection systems that will advance smart growth strategies and ameliorate effects of growth are research areas that are supported by Environmental Sustainability. Innovations in prevention and management of storm water, wastewater technology, indoor air quality, recycling and reuse of drinking water, and other green engineering techniques to support sustainable construction projects may also be fruitful areas for research.

Average individual awards will be $100,000. Responses are due September 15, 2009.

Information on proposal submission available here.