SURF 9 Summary

SURF 9 was held on February 24 and 25, 2009, at Northgate Environmental Management, Inc.’s office in Oakland, California. The two-day meeting marked the ninth gathering of stakeholders in sustainable remediation – industry, government agencies, consultants, academia, and other environmental practitioners.

The meeting focused on the future of the SURF group, and featured a series of technical presentations including:
  • Bart E. Croes, P.E., California Air Resources Board – California Environmental Protection Agency, California’s Air Pollution and Global Warming Policies
  • Curt Stanley, Shell Global Solutions, and Dave Woodward, AECOM Environment, RBCA Evolution in the US: Considerations for SURF Initiatives
  • John Ryan, AECOM Environment, Sustainability Considerations for Sediment Remediation Sites
  • Karen Scheuermann, US EPA Region 9, Estimating the Environmental Footprint at a Corrective Action Clean-up: Pilot Study at Romic East Palo Alto
  • Larry Myer, WESTCARB Technical Director, California Energy Commission, Working Toward Sequestration Commercialization in the West Coast Region
  • Tom O’Neill, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Green & Sustainable Remediation: How ITRC Reduces Regulatory Barriers to the Use of Innovative Environmental Approaches
  • Tom Sale, Colorado State University Center for Contaminants Hydrology, Diffusion, 14 Compartments and Sustainability
SURF 10 will be hosted by Baker and McKenzie LLP on June 16 and 17 in Chicago, Illinois.