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In December 2016, SURF and the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS) formally entered into partnership to deliver high-quality technical sessions and discussions, the likes of which SURF meeting attendees have come to expect from SURF over its ten year history. This partnership and expert AEHS conference curators and organizers that come with it, allow SURF to engage with a broader audience of remediation professionals, academics, and regulators, further facilitating the ongoing exploration of considering the triple bottom line during remediation and restoration projects.

SURF continues to hold Membership Meetings in conjunction with the Spring and Fall AEHS conferences. In addition to updates from the SURF Board of Trustees, SURF members are invited to review activities of the previous year, propose/plan activities for the coming year, and debate topics of concern. Technical Initiative working groups set aside time to work together on publications and lead summary sessions on their progress. SURF members receive significant registration fee discounts to attend the conferences’ technical sessions, and there is no charge to attend SURF Membership Meetings, which are open to all SURF members and conference attendees.

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Archived materials (<Fall 2017) are available at the links below.



Past Meeting Agendas



Past Meeting Presentation Abstracts