SURF 26 Webinar Agenda

Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 9am-11am PDT







Welcome Remarks


Mike Rominger, Nick



Committee/Technical Initiative updates


John Simon, Melissa




ISO Update

University of

Nottingham, SURF UK

Paul Nathanail


Imagine H20

Imagine H20

Scott Bryan


DoD's Sustainability Analysis Guidance &

Streamlined LCA Tools



Paul Yaroschak

Craig Commarata


Evaluating the Economics, Social and

Environmental Impacts of Remedy Options

Using Sustainable Return on Investment


Andrea Bohmholdt


Closing Remarks


Nick Garson


Agenda - SURF 25

SURF 25: Building Public and Private Partnerships for Sustainable Remediation

SURF 25 will be held from February 5 through 7, 2014, starting at 12:30 pm on Wednesday (2/5), running a full day on Thursday (2/6), and adjourning at noon on Friday (2/7). The meeting will be hosted by Parsons, at their corporate headquarters in Pasadena, California.

Attendees will be on their own for lunches, but light refreshments will be provided during morning and afternoon breaks.  A group dinner is planned for Thursday evening; details are provided on the bulletin board.

In alignment with the meeting theme, special discounted registration rates have been extended to government and academia attendees.  See the meeting registration page for details.

Draft Final Agenda

Day 1, Wednesday, February 5, 2014

12:30     Registration                                                       

12:45     Convene: Welcome Remarks – SURF, Mike Rominger

13:00     Committee & Initiative Updates - SURF, Chairs

13:30     Breakout Session 1:  Social Aspect Technical Initiative - Melissa Harclerode, CDM Smith

14:30     Return of Brownfield Redevelopment & Phase I & II ESA Market – Canaan Crouch, Sullivan Curtis Monroe LLC, Thierry Montoya, Alvarado Smith APC

15:15     Break                                                   

15:30     Breakout Session 2: Case Study Initiative – John Simon, Gnarus LLC

16:30     Introduce 2014 SURF Board of Trustees – SURF, Mike Rominger

17:15     Adjourn                                                              

              (Will discuss/coordinate Weds. networking/dinner options on-site)                                               

Day 2, Thursday, February 6, 2014                                                                                           

7:30        Registration                                                       

8:30        Convene: Intro to SURF – SURF, Mike Rominger

8:45        Welcome Presentation – Virginia Grebbien, President, Parsons Environment & Infrastructure

9:15        Keynote Presentation: From Ecology to Resiliency: The Growing Need for Partnership – Ted Bardacke, Deputy Director of Sustainability for the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

10:00     Break                                                 

10:15     Summary of Day 1 Activities – SURF, Mike Rominger

10:30     Forming Sustainable Partnerships at Remediation Sites – Deborah Taege, Boeing

11:15     LEED Rating System: 10 Pros & Cons – Dominique Smith, USGBC-LA           

12:00     Lunch                                                   

13:00     Water Conservation/Reuse Initiative Panel: Implementation and Next Steps – Jake Torrens, AMEC, Carl Lenker, Gannett Fleming             

14:00     Transformation of a Superfund Site to an Ecological Habitat Using Sustainable Remediation Principles and Public and Private Partnerships – Mary Rager, Pollinator Partnership, Bruce Wilkinson, Haley & Aldrich

15:00     Break                                                   

15:30     Creating a Powerful Property through Partnerships – Dina Toto, DuPont, Andy Meserve, Tangent Energy Solutions

16:00     Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainable Remediation – a Case Study - Stella Karnis, CN

16:30     Case Study Initiative – Current Status and Future Plans – John Simon, Gnarus LLC            

17:00     News and updates                                                         

17:30     Adjourn                                                              

18:00     Networking & Group Dinner                                                        

Day 3, Friday, February 7, 2014                                                                                 

7:30       Registration                                                       

8:30       Convene: Summary of Day 2 Activities – SURF, Mike Rominger

9:00       Comparison of Four Environmental Footprint Assessment Tools:  Can You Have Confidence in the Results? – Paul Favara, CH2MHILL

9:30       SURF Strategic Planning for 2014 – SURF Board of Trustees, Nick Garson           

10:15     Break                                                    

10:30     Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning – The Role of Remediation and Partnering – Randy Britt, Parsons                   

11:00     PRESENTATION (Title TBA)          

11:30     Discussion and Closing Exercise – SURF, Mike Rominger

12:00     Adjourn

Click --> here <-- for a printable agenda.


Agenda - SURF 24

SURF 24 - Updates and Case Studies in Sustainable Remediation

Date: November 12, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST


1:00 - 1:15 pm - Welcome and SURF announcements (vacant leadership positions, survey results, call for Board nominations for 2014)
1:15 - 1:40 pm - Case Study 1 – Evaluating Remediation Sustainability: Does it Matter Which Tool You Choose? (Matt Vanderkooy, GeoSyntec)

1:40 - 2:05 pm - Case Study 2 – Benchmarking Sustainable Remediation Decision-Support Tools for Use in a Tiered Assessment Framework (Curt Stanley, Shell)

2:05- 2:30 pm - Open discussion: questions for the SURF Board of Trustees, SURF 25 planning, Technical Initiative updates, etc.

SURF 24 will be a webinar meeting available to members only.  Check  your email inbox for information.



SURF 23: Societal Perspectives in Sustainable Remediation

SURF 23 will be held from July 23-25 -- all day on Tuesday (7/23) and Wednesday (7/24) and until lunchtime on Thursday (7/25).  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks can be purchased nearby at the food court or local restaurants.  Click here for a local's "download" of places to eat near the meeting location.  Please plan accordingly and BYOC (bring your own coffee)! 

A group dinner is planned for Tuesday evening; details are provided on the bulletin board. On Wednesday evening, a poster session featuring SURF student chapter members' work will be held. Light appetizers and nonalcoholic beverages will be provided.

A summary of meeting presentations and student posters is available under "Presentation Summaries." Click here to download a PDF version of the agenda.

Day 1, Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7:30 a.m.    Registration (BYOC or pick up coffee in the food court)

8:00 a.m.    Welcome Remarks
Mike Rominger (Meeting Facilitator) and Krishna Reddy (UIC)

8:30 a.m.    Introduction to SURF
                  Nick Garson (SURF President)

9:00 a.m.    Community Involvement betweeen EPA and an Environmental
                  Justice Community

                  Heriberto Leon (U.S. EPA), Rosita Clarke-Moreno (U.S. EPA),
                  and Jerry Mead-Lucero (PERRO)

10:00 a.m.  Break

10:30 a.m.  Remediation Projects in Densely Populated Urban Communities:
                  Case Study Loewenthal Site

                  Jerry Mead-Lucero (PERRO)

11:15 a.m.  The Surplus Roundtable: Bounding Environmental Liability -
                  Maximizing Asset Value

                  Robert Colangelo (The Surplus Property Roundtable)

12:00 p.m.  Lunch (Food Court or Nearby Restaurants)

1:30 p.m.    Triple Bottom Line in Cook County's Environmental Programs
                  Deborah Stone (Cook County Illinois Dept. of Environmental Control)

2:15 p.m.    Sustainable Development as Common Sense
                  Jim Van der Kloot (U.S. EPA Region 5)

3:00 p.m.    Break

3:30 p.m.    Estimating Societal Impacts of a Remediation Project's Lifecycle using
                  Environmental Footprint Evaluation Tools
                  Melissa Harclerode (CDM Smith)

4:30 p.m     Adjourn

5:00 p.m.    Group Dinner


Day 2, Wednesday, July 24, 2013

8:00 a.m.    Registration (BYOC or pick up coffee in the food court)

8:30 a.m.    Welcome Remarks and Recap
                  Mike Rominger (Meeting Facilitator)

9:00 a.m.    Sustainable Remediation Work Group: Leveraging the Synergy of
                  ITRC, API Energy, and SURF
                  Buddy Bealer (Chair, Government Outreach Initiative)

9:30 a.m.    ASTM's New Sustainable Remediation Standard Guide
                  Helen Waldorf

10:00 a.m.   Break

10:30 a.m.  ASTM's New Greener Cleanup Standard Guide
                  Deborah Goldblum (U.S. EPA Region 3), Heather Nifong (Illinois EPA),
                  and Stephanie Fiorenza (BP)

11:15 a.m.   Panel Discussion: Regulatory Perspectives
                   Buddy Bealer (Moderator), Jennifer Borski (Wisconsin DNR), Brad
                   Bradley (U.S. EPA Region 5), Deborah Goldblum (U.S. EPA Region 3),
                   and Heather Nifong (Illinois EPA)

12:00 p.m.    Lunch

1:30 p.m.      Five-Minute Flash Talks: Updates on SURF Student Chapters
                    Yamini Sadasivam and Erin Yargicoglu (UIC), Emily Gonthier and
                    Joshua Knapp (Clarkson University), Melissa Tracy (Colorado
                    State University), and Ching-Hong Hsieh (Stanford University)

2:00 p.m.      Technical Initiatives and Committee Working Sessions
                    Pamela Dugan and Mike Miller (Academic Outreach Initiative)

3:00 p.m.      Break

3:30 p.m.      Technical Initiatives and Committee Working Sessions (cont'd)
Buddy Bealer (Government Outreach Initiative), Grant Geckeler
                    (Finance Committee), and Jake Torrens (Membership Committee)

5:00 p.m.      Student Poster Session (light appetizers and nonalcoholic beverages provided)
                    UIC - Erin Yargicoglu, Yamini Sadasivam, and Marat Goldenberg
                    Clarkson University - Emily Gonthier, Caitlin Barilec, and Joshua Knapp
                    Colorado State University - Melissa Tracy
                    Stanford University - Ching-Hong Hsieh

6:30 p.m.      Adjourn


Day 3, Thursday, July 25, 2013

8:00 a.m.      Registration (BYOC or pick up coffee in the food court)

8:30 a.m.      Technical Initiatives and Committee Reports
                    Pamela Dugan and Mike Miller (Academic Outreach Initiative), Buddy
                    Bealer (Government Outreach Initiative), Grant Geckeler (Finance
                    Committee), and Jake Torrens (Membership Committee)

9:00 a.m.      Quantifying Social Aspects of Sustainable Remediation: Classroom Examples
                    Krishna Reddy (UIC)

9:45 a.m.      Measuring Social, Community, and Public Health Aspects
                    Susan Kaplan (UIC)

10:30 a.m.     Break

11:00 a.m.     Walking Tour
                     Krishna Reddy

12:00 p.m      Adjourn


Agenda - SURF 22

Draft Agenda

Day 1, Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time   Activity   Organization   Speaker/Facilitator
7:30   Registration        
8:30   Welcome Remarks, Introduce 2013 Board of Trustees   SURF    Mike Rominger, Karin Holland
9:00   SURF Goals and Objectives for 2013   SURF Presidents (2012, 2013)   Nick Garson, Karin Holland
10:00   Break        
10:15   Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt)   Stanford University   Richard Luthy
11:15   Remaking Civilization on Dirty Sites   Town-Green   Stephen Coyle
12:00   Lunch        
13:00   Technical/Outreach Initiative Overview   SURF   TBC
13:15   Breakout Session 1        
    Government Outreach (Krutch Theater)       Buddy Bealer
    Academic Outreach* (Room 102)  
  Mike Miller, Pamela Dugan
14:15   Starting a Student Chapter at Stanford University: Challenges and Opportunities   Stanford University   Diana Lin, Jay Thompson
15:00   Break        
15:15   Breakout Session 2        
    SR Resource Index (Krutch Theater)       Mary Kean, Pamela Dugan
    Water Conservation & Reuse* (Room 102)       Paul Hadley, Patrick Keddington
16:30   Breakout Session 3        
    SR Certification & Rating System (Krutch Theater)       Dick Raymond, Diana Hasegan
    SR Research Initiative* (Room 102)       Stew Abrams
17:30   Adjourn        
18:00   Networking & Group Dinner         

Day 2, Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time   Activity   Organization   Speaker
7:30   Registration        
8:30   Convene   SURF   Mike Rominger
8:45   Redefining remediation goals with long-term monitoring data   UC Berkeley   Jim Hunt
9:15   Committee and TI Reports and Updates   SURF   Committee/TI leads
10:15   Break        
10:30   Breakout Session 4        
    SR Resource Index (Krutch Theater)       Mary Kean, Pamela Dugan
    Water Conservation & Reuse* (Room 102)       Paul Hadley, Patrick Keddington
11:30   Comprehensive Detection of Perfluorochemical Precursors at AFFF-Contaminated Sites for Improved Remediation Strategies   UC Berkeley   Erika Houtz
12:00   Lunch        
13:00   Breakout Session 5        
    Government Outreach (Krutch Theater)       Buddy Bealer
    Student Chapter Competition Initiative* (Room 102)       Mike Miller, Pamela Dugan
14:00   Discussion and Closing Exercise   SURF   TBC
14:45   Wrap Up   SURF   Mike Rominger
15:00   Adjourn        


All presentations and other discussions will be held in the main meeting room (Krutch Theater in Building 14).  Breakouts marked with an asterisk* will be held in Room 102.

Click here to download a PDF version of the draft agenda.