Academic Outreach Initiative


Our mission is to encourage academic participation in SURF as a means to promote the organization, establish linkages, and foster research and innovation.

We recognize the substantial value that academics bring to the SURF community through new ideas, technologies, and approaches to sustainable remediation.  Therefore, SURF invites all interested professors, students, and researchers to join and actively participate in our discussions.

Our current objectives and activities include:

  • Recruiting new members of SURF from the academic and research communities
  • Providing organizational and informational support to newly forming SURF Student Chapters
  • Creating a Student Chapter competition
  • Developing SURF-sponsored student paper and poster competitions
  • Getting involved in academic research programs related to sustainable remediation
  • Advertising SURF to the academic community

To get involved with the SURF Academic Outreach Initiative, please contact Keith Aragona or Mike Miller.

Members can access Academic Outreach materials here.